Festival Content

The festival (now in its 6th year) lasts for 3 days and includes the following:-

–       Conducting workshops on various kinds of techniques and styles of theatrical art to exchange experiences and increase knowledge among the participants

–       Conduct public workshops and interactive games to develop creative abilities in children and young people with various types of circus arts; juggling, Diablo, Devil sticks, Pois, modern dance fundamentals and crafts, body art, making decorations from improvised materials, jewelry making, pottery, black smithing, making circus equipment, toys from improvised materials, masks and figures from plaster, drawing on various materials, blowing glass and making souvenirs made of ceramics, etc.

– A playground for all participants and guests of the festival;

– Providing space for the creative ideas, joint improvisation performance “bird”.

Also, spectators and guests can enjoy the festival with performances by children’s theater groups, youth theatres by way of celebrating and brining special attention to those needing most support in our society.

After five years of the festival “Bird” invited guests were:

Theater companies:

–       “Chiha-Biha” Nizhne Selishe Village,

–       “Yo” Art Workshop, v. Nizhne Selishche

–       “VidSutnist”  Rivne

–       ” Samovar”  Odessa

–       “Orange Mood” Odessa

–       “Nutters” Kharkiv

–       “Academic Carton Thearte, Moscow, Russia

–       “Golden thread”  Lviv, Ukraine

–      “Gogol-Mogol”  Evpatoriya, Ukraine

–       Art Studio”Parnaus” Chernivtsi

Circus teams and Fire Show teams:

Clown Band”Figlish M” Nyzhje Selishche, Ukraine

Fire show team “Samovar”, Odessa

Fire show team”Fire life”, Uzhgorod

Playgrounds and open workshops:

–       “HOUSE of Snails” Kiev

–      Open library for children with professional storytelling

–     games and workshops from Family development centre”Kaleydoskop”

–    open media workshop  from “Cinema hall”, Uzhgorod

–   open photo workshop from O. Srko and S. Zakurakin from Khust

–    open hip-hop & contemporary dance workshop from Ivana Velychko, Chernivtsi and Yulia Danylenko, Kharkiv

–   pottery workshop from Yulia Egorova-Rohova, Uzhgorod

–   circus workshop from Pascal Reider, Germany

–   Wall art workshop from Artists from Vynohradiv

–   Creating giant sculpture from recycled wood with artists from United Kingdom


–       “Hudaki Village Band”

–       Selys’ka spivanochka, musical formation

–       Dj Excellent


–       proffecional drama artists and tutors from Kharkiv, Chernivtsi, Rivne, Kyiv, Odessa, Evpatoria, Moscow.

The festival is very rich and varied and includes diverse studies that will interest both children, youth, adults, theatre professionals, youth leaders, visual artists. The festival is an informal attempt to unite the hearts and souls of children and adults. Events of this nature facilitates the exchange of experience in organizing studio work, specific work with children and young people from deprived and rural areas of Transcarpathia and increasing activity of youth in the socio-cultural sphere.


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  1. wallone
    Apr 08, 2011 @ 15:08:38

    Nice nice! I´m really looking forward to it again! I hope Mundoloko from Munich 🙂 is again playing at my birthday juuuhuu!


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