The Children’s Drama Studio “Chiga-Biga” was established in 2005 with support of Transcarpathian Association of local development  and local secondary school.

Two to three weekly sessions take place working with over 60 children and young people from the ages of 8-21.  Sessional studies includes informal educational topics relevant to youth such as smoking, alcoholism, relationships, sex and equality and diversity.

Given the peculiarities of the region and its rural communities, theatre leaders of the theater studio “Chiha- Biga” work tirelessly in an attempt to engage local young people (many of whom living well below the poverty line) in art and theater activities.  Working in partnership with the following organisations:-

  • Transcarpathian Association of Local Development
  • Care of Transcarpathia Committee
  • Department of Education RSA Hustskogo district
  • YMCA Transcarpathia, based in Rivne Region
  • Children’s playground organisation “Snail” (Kyiv)

Since its formation the following productions have taken place:


2006 – “Little Prince” with the same name philosophical tale of Antoine de Saint-Exupery;

2007 – “Man on Olympus”, Felix Krivin;

2007 – contemporary performance “Bird”;

2008 – “Hare in the Panther’s Skin”, S. Hyerzhyk;

2008 – “Tree of changes”, M. Humelov;

2009 – “Warsaw tocsin”, S. Korostylov;



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