About The Festival

This is a blog site for the Children and Youth Theatre Festival ‘Bird’ – helping disadvantaged young people living in remote rural communities in the Ukraine connect with the Arts, to be exposed to positive experiences through theatre and to participate in enriching, meaningful activities.

An appeal to meet half the costs (50/50 with Ukrainian local government) for this unique Festival (now in its 6th year) that is free to participants and lead wholly by volunteers.

Art through theatre is a reflection of the soul, where thoughts and ideas manifest.  Children and young people posses a theatrical interpretation of reality using vivid imagination and creativity, that is special and unique-but for many this is not the case.  Young people living in remote, rural areas of the Ukraine, often have limited access to education and employment opportunities and have had no real exposure to Art in all its forms, and so an untapped area of such great potential remains.

Recent developments in modern society increasingly separates us from the experience of art and of theater in particular. Everyday problems collide preventing, hindering and affecting the development of theatres positive existence, often rejecting the possibility of interest or study.  In this post-soviet era significant economic, social and cultural changes are impacting heavily on those on the edges of society; those with low levels of literacy, those with special physical or other needs and those living below the poverty line (often all of the afore mentioned).  Today’s reality is that children and young people are experiencing these issues as one evermore increasing crisis.

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