Theatre Festival PTAH “Bird” huge success!


Thanks for returning to the blog!  Your support meant that the festival was a huge success!

Children enjoyed three days of fun, new experiences and excellent performances from theatre groups from Ukraine (interactive theatre games and activities) Russia (animations and video art including an animation completed at the festival see- below)Germany (circus workshops), Austria (building and construction), Poland (violin folk infused with poetry reading performance), Romania (traditional dancing workshop) and Hungary (live performance traditional music and dancing workshop), other volunteers were from France, Belgium and England.

Children, young people their friends and families from the local villages, towns and cities attended the festival providing them with opportunities to take part in something that may otherwise be out of reach.  Children and adults alike danced to traditional music (performed by the highly acclaimed HUDAKI Village Band around a trio of bonfires on the opening night, near an outdoor stage made wholly of natural materials constructed using age old methods.  Throughout the weekend passing drivers tooted their horns and curios onlookers came closer attracted by the commotion of the festival goers, the lights of the stage, the sounds from the main auditorium and smells from Shaslick being cooked over coals.  The locals witnessed the transformation of the old soviet era “club” building into a vibrant, colourful place full of life.  The local headmaster, police chief and government official smiled continuously as they saw their children laugh, dance and sing.

Enjoy looking at the photos (and video) below, more will be added!

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